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Andrew Wones

Aquatic Ecologist, CESCL


Andrew Wones is an aquatic biologist with over 20 years of experience in fisheries biology, marine and freshwater ecology, environmental planning, and permitting. He is a certified erosion and sediment control lead (CESCL). In addition to his skills as a field biologist, he is also an experienced technical writer and a patient teacher. Andrew holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science degree from Oregon State University.


He has extensive experience conducting site inventories for critical areas and natural resources, helping clients prepare environmental permit applications, preparing biological assessments and floodplain habitat assessments to facilitate endangered species act consultations, conducting fish habitat and fish use surveys, monitoring water quality, monitoring construction projects for permit compliance, and preparing impact assessments and technical reports on aquatic resources. Andrew has worked for individuals and private companies; local, state, and federal agencies; and public utilities. 


When he’s not working, Andrew enjoys playing the trombone, building and paddling small boats, bird watching, and spending time with his family.  Andy enjoys figuring out how best to help his clients achieve their goals in ways that are compatible with healthy ecosystem functioning and all applicable environmental regulations.



Virgina Tech


Oregon State University

B.S., Biology-Emphasis in Aquatic Ecology

M.S., General Science-Emphasis in Aquatic Ecology

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